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Today's Author 4 February 2014 Meets the Daily Prompt: Time for the Money Shot

I hold up my hands in the age-old gesture of directors: two ell's--the right one backwards--that frame the scene. "Camera two, you will move in tight to the beast. Camera one--pan left at the go. Camera three--be ready for the fly-over when the beast grabs our man. Okay, is everyone ready? Good. ACTION!"..."CUT!" Okay, that was great everyone. Thank you. Take 10. Our next scene is the last scene and we'll be done with this picture. Actors, you will have limited time in this one--cameras and set people, it's going to be your show. We've got to get the burn, which will take out the creature and our hero. Then here's how we close: Nothing survived the fire, except the old, silver-tipped cane. Got it? Okay, places everyone. Let's make this good and dinner's on me. Ready? Slate it. ACTION!"

Really now. Like this question needed to be asked! I am saddened that my friends, my dear comrades, my BFF's if you will, the pixies at the Daily Post, have not figured me out well enough to be able to answer this for themselves:

If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!).

Since they have hobbled me so terribly by taking away the natural choice of writer, I am left with only one choice--director!I would however consider a moment in front of the camera, but my memory is not so good when under stress and I would hate to be the one to cause such antics as "Okay--let's slate it again: Take number 174! AR Neal, can you get your lines right this time, please?!? ACTION!"So there you have it.NOTE: the lovely image of the fire and the silver-tipped cane come courtesy not of my imagination but from the good people over at Today's Author. Click the underlined and bold words to that effect in the scene above to visit and link up there too.

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