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Friday Fictioneers 7 February 2014 Meets the Daily Prompt: Yard Sale

Virginia stood and her fanny pack sagged with the weight of the change and single dollar bills she had tucked in. It was yard sale day and she had gone carefully through the boxes in her garage, the ones in her mother's pantry, and the ones she had almost forgotten from her sister's storage shed. She adjusted her sun visor and waited. After about a half-hour, a car pulled up; the women therein were obviously skilled yard sale people. She blushed as she read their lips: "She's got to be embarrassed!" as they looked over her tables filled with lamps.

So Rochelle over at Friday Fictioneers (click the picture above to visit) gave us this image that was simply perfect as part of a response to the Daily Post pixies, who wanted to know

When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment?

As a cave-dweller, my embarrassing moments are pretty well undercover. It was much more fun to write 100 words and mash up a photo prompt with it.

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