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VisDare 47: Waiting Game

Sistrella Von Buring sat alone in the gallery. Her brother was due to be executed in an hour. She, and obviously the warden, had expected a crowd; she sat in a sea of chairs that were much fancier than she had imagined would be used to fill a prison waiting room. They were much too fancy for the curtain that shielded her view of the chamber. She pulled her knitting from its basket and continued work on the layette she was doing for her niece (or nephew--they hadn't wanted to know) and prayed the child's mother would not deliver too early due to the stress of having to give birth and raise the child alone. She tried not to think of her own stress. No Von Buring had ever been convicted of murder. Accused, implicated, suspected--perhaps, but never convicted. The curtain opened, there was her brother, and she was alone.

Well, that was a 150-word stumper.

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