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Write Now! 18 February: Finding the Way Home

Wyeth and his anger barrelled down Route 64, leaving dust and small animals scurrying in their wake. White-knuckling his way, he thought about Destiny--both the woman and the Fate--and tried to mash the accelerator deeper into the plush of the floor carpet. He worked his monologue out in his mind, how he would burst onto the scene unexpectedly, how he would announce to Destiny that he was the one with whom she should spend her days and nights forever, and envisioned the horror mask that would adorn her new fiance's face. He didn't care about that. He needed to tell her that he loved her, that he had always loved her, and that if they were together everything would be as it should. The mile markers ticked by like so many flashes of light and shine as his headlights reflected back at him mockingly: he could not drive fast enough. The fact that there were no other cars did not register. The Grand Canyon at dusk: the last thing he remembered seeing as he faded away like the setting sun."Are you all right?" Nathan was concerned; Destiny had been looking down into the ravine for some time, not blinking, barely breathing.As if from a fog she turned to him; he could see the haunting behind her eyes as she spoke from deep within herself. She wasn't talking to him. "They told me Wyeth was trying to get to me the night he died. He was driving through here on old 64 when he drove off and into the Canyon. It took them more than a year to find the wreckage." Her eyes cleared for a moment and bore holes into Nathan's. "What do you think he was going to do? Why did he have to die like that?" Tears threatened to spill over and down her face and soon did, tumbling into the dust at the edge of the Grand Canyon. "They said he still loved me. Do you think that was it? Do you think he was coming to tell me? That was it; he was coming to me, and somehow ended up on this closed highway." She stopped long enough to wave her arm across the manicured road that was now a walking path for visitors. She shuddered and turned her face into Nathan's chest. "Please, let's just go home."

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