The Starving Activist is the sometimes-home for words. AR Neal (that’s me) finds them, cultivates them, and leaves them here. Enjoy.

Hagetha Interviews: The Cave Mistress

I know you missed me. So I am doing an interview.It is I, Hagetha, who has been working on various potions and so on in the Cave of Scribes. The Cave Mistress, AR Neal, has been tardy in her dealings with you and so I have come to rectify the situation.It is true, friends. I have been away for far too long!It is for this reason that I have come to interrog-- er, I mean, interview you about your whereabouts.I have been trying to figure out what to do next...Why? You have a very fine cave to look after. What's the problem?Tending the cave is of course a noble venture but it won't pay the bills.No one told you to need the internet. In my day, we communicated through telegraph, or the written letter, or even by that new invention, the telephone.I would love to discuss the wonders of your day, Hagetha, but that's not the point. The point is, while I am thrilled and honored to have such a wonderful cave to tend, we wouldn't be here without the internet.Good point.Anyway, in order to maintain a healthy cave, we have to have a cash flow, right?Well of course; I need to buy potions. And then there's the Gruel Mall, where I get all the wonderful ingredients for my culinary treats.Um. Yeah. But without a steady and regular source of income, I can't maintain this cave, or the real-world one. I won't have a way to, to the Gruel Mall to get your culinary ingredients because we won't be able to put fuel in the car.Well that won't do. What are you waiting for?That's my point. I am not waiting. Well, I guess I am sort of. I have to wait to hear if the places to which I have been applying are interested in hiring me. Such a process is tiring and depressing, especially when it takes time and when you aren't selected. I have been trying to get my head in a good place in order to be able to write while all this is going on.I can suggest a good place for your head. Come with me to my exercise room...That's not an exercise room! That's a torture chamber!Semantics.Anyway, I haven't been in a good writing place. Not that I shouldn't have been writing anyway, but I needed to put my mind into something else.Such as?Well, I am preparing to develop a peer-reviewed journal.How are you going to do that?I am working on getting my web server set up, after which I will get connected to the Open Journal Systems on which I can grow the journal. I will be looking for people interested in scholarly writing to serve on the editorial board, as readers, and as submitters. It's still in the preliminary stages so I won't give up more than that.Well that sounds like a worthy cause. What else have you been doing?I am developing a flash fiction workshop. It will have a two-week online component and there will be a face-to-face meet-up for people in Southern California. I am working on the activities and so on now.I am also adding to the picture prompts over at the Scribe's Cave and chapters over at JukePop.And I'm doing some freelance editing work too.As long as you aren't loafing I suppose that's all right.Thank you Hagetha.You are most welcome. So when will you get back to writing here?That's a great question. I am still struggling to find my voice again. One can get muted when life gets too heavy, and that's where I've been. I have been channeling my creativity in these other directions, so I guess it's not all bad. I hope to post a little something at least once a week for now.Can the cavelings have your promise on that?Okay. Here it is:I will post a new something here, at least once per week. No promises on what it will be, but just so you know I'm still kickin' I will do that.And I will be here to see that she does.Thanks, Hagetha.You are most welcome. And that's it. You may all now go back to your own caves. There is nothing more to this interrog--I mean, interview.

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