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The Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt 15: New on the Block

"You're pullin' my leg.""Nuh-uh. The story's true.""How do you know the story's true? You been in there?!""Well, not exactly; I got invited to go with Marci and them that one time. They was gonna party in there, but--""You was scared! Ha ha!""--I hadda work, stupid. Anyway, I seen her the next day and she said all types a creepy stuff happened when they was in there.""Creepy stuff like what?""The story goes that the place was bought in 1911 by John MacRae-Gilstrap and restored, but it was empty until 1932; during that time it got hainted.""Whaddaya mean, hainted?""Filled with haints, ya dolt. Nobody lived there. It was a war fortress for a buncha years. Folks pro'lly died around there. Maybe even in there. Hainted! What parta that dont'cha get?""Pfft. That's a load a malarkey.""Yeah? Well you go ask Marci next time ya see 'er. She'll tell ya it ain't no malarkey. They seen the haints when they snuck up in there.""Can't be no haints I tell ya! The place ain't empty now; they been usin' the castle as a tourist place for years. Even filmed some movies there and such.""They snuck in when the place was closed! Haints don't come 'round when the livin' are runnin' amok.""Aw, go on.""Well, believe whatever ya please. But I'm tellin' ya, there's a new somebody on the block and that somebody ain't nice.""Awww.... go on."


So I missed last week. It couldn't be helped. But here's an offering for this week's Scribe's Cave. Hope that makes up for my absence. A little. Click on the photo to go see the original post and link up.

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