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Memorial Remembrance

As we here in Southern California approach the end of another April 2nd, I try not to mourn too deeply. Today is my dear friend Don Buchanan's birthday. As I have written about before, Don was my best friend when I was an undergraduate student.I have to say "was" because six years ago he died. Longer ago than that our lives went in other directions and we were lost to each other, except in the spaces where memories live.And now that is all I have, those spaces where memories live; those spaces are always happy and there is no sadness of crossroads separately taken.Well, that is not exactly true: I have more than memories. I have the ability to remember, to reach out on April 2 and at other times of the year. To reach out to Lauren, Don's sister, and through her to other family members and friends to let them know thatI.Remember.I also have a comfort in knowing that when my journey takes me beyond the end of time that I will again see my friend and we can stroll the streets of forever and remember together again.

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