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Making Haste, For the Hour Draweth Nigh

As many of you know my grandmother--my mother's mom--most recently took a turn. My mom-mom has not been in the best of health for the last few years; my uncle and aunt (in-law) built a suite for her onto their house and spent every waking moment tending to her needs. It is not an easy thing to care for an older person but it becomes even more difficult when that older person is your parent. My pop-pop passed many years ago and for a long time, mom-mom lived on her own (with her kids who lived close by--my mom and two of her three brothers coming to visit) but then as things changed, she needed more care.I and my family had visited back east right before superstorm Sandy and we had an opportunity to visit with her then. By that time, she required more daily care than my uncle and aunt were able to give, so she had been moved to a nursing/rehabilitation center. As time went on, my mom kept me informed as to her progress and most recently it seemed that she was not doing well at all. We made arrangements for me to travel to see her.And then yesterday morning I got the call: the hospice nurse said if anyone wanted to see her, they needed to come today. I went into overdrive and started looking at how I could change my flight that was scheduled for next week to NOW. I spoke with a number of wonderful folks by telephone who helped me make change. I talked with my mom. I talked with my husband. I clicked and clicked through various websites. I managed to grab a flight out of my local airport for 12:30pm which was due to arrive in Philadelphia at 10:15pm. We made it happen.The plane arrived early and after getting picked up we made our way to the home; it was 11:30 or so when we got there. We padded through the quiet halls, accompanied only by the sounds of sleeping clients and the whispers of nurses. My mom and I stopped at the desk to chat with the nurses, who told us that mom-mom had not changed. My prayer was that I would get to see her while she was still here. We went in and I talked to her; my mom was glad to see that she opened her eyes for me. We prayed. I prayed for peace, and reminded her that she was God's and that He and we love her. I told her I looked forward to seeing her tomorrow.I am still trying to figure out what time zone I belong in; when in California, we wake up around 3am each morning, which would be 6am here. I am here and was awake at 5:30am, which would be 2:30am California time. Sigh. I got up and got some work done.My mom came in to tell me that mom-mom passed between 2 and 3am local time. I made haste and got here. I got to see her, and touch her. I got to pray with her. The Lord answered my prayer. The hour was drawing nigh and we did not know it. I am grateful that I was able to speak words of peace to her and for her. I pray her journey was good and look forward to seeing her again someday.left: our family member Cousin Flossie and right: Mrs. Daisy Berry, my mom-mom. This was at her birthday party a few years back. 

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