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How I've Missed You, My Darlings!

Being lost is a dreadful feeling.Especially when you are lost inside your own head.I posted back at the end of April to share the news of my grandmother's passing and after that quickly scurried off into the recesses of my addled brain to stew about then, now, and next.I lost sight of the fact that I am incapable of making anything happen. I lost sight of From Whom My Help Comes.But I'm back.Oh, and don't think I've just been curled up in a ball somewhere, doing nothing.I've been working and I've been writing. If you haven't noticed, check out the new widget on the homepage and elsewhere--you can now officially nab print or e-copies (yes, that is plural: one for you and one to give away, of course!) of From Reality's Edge, Volume One. I decided to go on and get it published because, well, I needed to, and because I posted the first story, "The Meek" the to World's Best Story contest. Please vote often!But wait! There's more!I am back in my notebooks too. There is a big idea brewing and for the past, oh, four days or so I've been writing. It's too early to give up the details. Chances are I'm going to spring this one on you, my darlings, when it's done.In the meantime, know that I am still breathing.And writing.And thinking of you...

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