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Cave of Scribes Picture Prompt #25: Space Dating

"Well, isn't he a cutie!" Pow! Snap!"If you thought he was so cute, why did you just vaporize him?""He was trying to escape!""Wait a minute--didn't you say that about the last four guys you vaporized?""Maybe...what's your point?""Honey, no one escapes. This is a water planet and those men are on the only dry plot on it. And that dry plot happens to be a life-sentence penal colony. And they can't get anywhere near these guard shacks. Besides, he was just walking along the edge of the beach for crying out loud!""Well, he looked like he was trying to escape. And so did the other three.""Four.""Whatever.""Really?! Anyway, that doesn't answer my question.""What question?""Arg!!!! If you thought he was so cute, why did you vaporize him?!?""Oh, that.""Yes, that!""Well, since I can't have him, no one can."


Hello my lovelies!

Right, get off my back--I know it's been a minute since I wrote for one of these fantastic picture prompts, but here it is. Let's let bygones be bygones, m'kay?

I will do my best to get back on the stick and write for these each week. And hopefully you will do the same, yeah?

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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt #26: Long and Winding

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