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Get Off Your Computer Now; It's Important!

Right now you're wondering how in the world I can be so pushy; you're probably thinking, Just who does she think she is anyway? Telling me to get off my computer; she hasn't even properly blogged in a thousand years, and now here she comes, telling me not to be up on my computer?Dug-dug-from-upYes. That's what I said. And here's why:I was up, pattering about in my robe as one is wont to do on an early Saturday. In my hand I had my mobile, upon which I was reading last night's/this morning's email. There was one from Grayson Queen with an update on Rarasaur.Get that blank look off your face.You know Rara. She is our intrepid dinosaur-blogging-"Prompts-for-the-Promptless"-most-wonderful-people-you-ever-want-to-read people!?! As you know, she's had a spot of really uncool weirdness lately.If by some chance you've been living deeper under a rock than I, pop on over to her blog to catch up. Really though, I've been under a rock and I know what's going on. All right, I won't tell on you. Okay, I'll wait while you go read about what's happening.There now. As I was saying, I read this post from Grayson and was immediately ashamed of the fact that I had not sent a single letter to Rara.I dashed off, robe flapping (hey, quit peeking under there...), to find quill and papyrus at once.And you should do the same.As you see by the post, Rara is doing important things in the clink. She's supporting others, and as Grayson so eloquently mentions, not everyone has a group of caring folk like Rara does. She shares the letters we send with the other women there. She's helping them pass the time with a bit of joy and a smattering of laughter.And you can help.Get off your computer for a sec and write to her.Grayson provides a link in the post above that has her address (important: include her number on the envelope or your carefully written opine will end up in the dead letter office. Or somewhere other than in her hands. And you don't want that.) and helpful instructions on how to properly write the letter.I needed that, because, evidently, delivery by carrier pigeon is not permitted. How else would one get papyrus delivered properly? Sigh.Anyway, the point here is that you should take a moment to write to Rara. She is strong, resilient, and powerful, but most importantly she knows that not everyone in there is. Help her help others. If you spend any amount of time writing your blog, posting on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook, you can take a few minutes and unplug. Heck, I just dropped about 450 words here to you in a matter of seconds, so I know you can stop and send her at least that many words.Now, get to it.

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