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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt #26: Long and Winding

Since Sam had run out of excuses, he chose that very moment to go completely mad. He ran 200 feet down the craggy slope and screamed. Marvin ran after but Sam managed to stay a fingertip-length ahead. "Hey!" Marvin huffed."No! I don't want to do this anymore!" Sam stopped quickly and Marvin slammed into his back. They tumbled into the grass, a heap of sweat and insanity. "Maybe it would be better if I sat here."Marvin shoved Sam's head into the brush. "It won't make a difference, you dolt. We'll still be here. We can stop walking, but if we do that we'll have no food, no water, no nothing. We keep going, and we get to the rest stop.""Yeah, the rest stop where we eat the same food, hear the same music, and have the same conversation with the same waitress." Sam's eyes bugged out. "I said I wanted to go somewhere different but now I want off this planet! We are stuck in a time loop! I can't do this anymore!" Sam dashed off again, but this time took a leap over the edge and tumbled into nothingness. Marvin shrugged and followed suit.


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