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Cave of Scribes #27: Initiation

"I'm not going in there." Chad was emphatic. He looked up at the broken windows and the hulking facade seemed to gaze back at him with hundreds of hungry eyes.Randy punched him in the arm. "You scared?"Chad turned to him. "Yep.""Lookit: all we gotta do is go inside, take a coupla pictures, and our initiation is over!""I didn't sign up for this; in fact, it was your idea to pledge," Chad crossed his arms; he was as immovable as the building before them.


Randy skipped closer to the open entryway. "Now you know you don't want me to go in there by myself." Chad would not move and Randy sucked his teeth. "Tsk. Whatever, dude. I'm in." He dashed in, whooping. Chad waited; his blood pumped thickly as he and the building stared at each other. "Ha!" Randy announced as he popped back out. "That was nothin'--you missed out." He showed Chad the photo:


Randy disappeared a week later. When the police learned of their trip to the old station they wanted to examine his camera. The interior photo showed something or someone, but the case went unsolved.That night, the brothers called Chad. "Congrats, brother."

My 200 words for this week's Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt. Dunno what about this Detroit train station made me think about a...shall we call it, reverse initiation? I think it was that dark doorway to the right of the bottom photo. In the photo Chad saw, it was just a dark doorway; in the photo the police saw, there was something--and it came for Randy I guess. Which was the point: if you're dumb enough to go in there, you ain't right for this house of brothers.But the question begs to be asked: do you want to be?

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