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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: As Time Goes By

Father John was old school; he still took to his knees for prayer. He dusted off his robe and moved slowly through the sanctuary. It was quiet.The old priest's bones creaked; his brothers tried to convince him to leave the old rectory, but Father John continually refused. "No church should die alone," he always replied.Tears came to his eyes as he looked through the hazy stained glass windows; the saints peered back, bleary-eyed and sad.He nodded to himself, remembering. He could hear the sounds of praise in his mind; it felt like centuries since the church organ had been in any condition to wheeze out a tune.He shuffled through the dust to listen to the confessions of ghosts, since they were the only ones who came to service there anymore.30.%20Empty%20Organ%20Room

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