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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Forced to Begin Again

On its way around the globe, The Great Storm, a swirling mass of air, dust, and pebbles, had left its touch on every person, animal, and structure: Jebediah gathered his bride closer and felt her shoulders through the thin fabric of her dress and shawl; they were the only items of clothing she wore, having insisted that her mourning would not be interrupted by wind and dirt. It made its way around the entirety of their planet and had been seen by the settlers as the easiest to overcome; the other planets in the system had their share of carnivorous creatures and hydrochloric acid rains. It had been an especially large pebble that had taken the life of their son."Agnes, are you sure you want to leave him?"She looked into her husband's eyes and he turned from the pain he saw there. "From dust he came, and to dust he'll return. The rocket will be here in the morning and will they want us to bring remains from this place? I should think not. This storm took away everything we had here. We have to begin again." Together, they left the church and their son.


I offer 197 words for this week's SCPP. I first considered going creepy, what with the whole baby casket thing, but there was something else here...

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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: An Afternoon Out with Daughter

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: As Time Goes By