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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: The World After

Marlena's tennis shoes made hollow "pock!" sounds that answered each other as they walked around the centrifuge. "And remind me again how this is safe?""What could be more safe at the end of the world than this?" Mike waved his hand at the rusty wall. "Behind this wall, beneath our feet, and above our heads are some of the strongest materials classified by any human. We'll never truly know what everything is or how it works. But we'll be safe.""What is safe?" Marlena's voice called back from the curve ahead, "afe!" They had escaped to Russia in a whirlwind of activity; the Russian prime minister had, for a short time, opened his borders to US citizens who had enough money to get away from the growing horror in their own homeland. She and Mike had bartered everything they had when they saw the end coming and were on one of the last transports out. "Our future hangs in the balance between radiation poisoning, and...what?"Mike took her hand and smiled. "We see as through a glass darkly, but then, we will know face to face." Together, they walked toward the future.34.%20An%20Abandoned%20Rocket%20Factory%20-%20Russia

My 193 words for this weeks SCPP.

I offer it as one possible alternate universe to the one inhabited by my two current characters, Mike and Marlena. They haven't gone to Russia to run from the end of the world, but they have hidden from human and supernatural threats in Part III of the book.

Book?! What is this being said about a book?!?

Yes, cavelings, yours truly is once again gaining calluses on her writing fingers as she has been putting quill to papyrus once more. The newest work in speculative fiction will be available in November...stay tuned!

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