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When Slush is Good

For the most part, writers and other artists do not want to be told that their work ended up in the slush pile.Or that it's "Pure Slush." Hold it! You do want that.Hearing that you're Pure Slush in this case means that you managed to get your stuff in one of the coolest 'zines out there. Matt Potter is the guru behind Pure Slush, a flash publication; I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt and some of the authors who participated in the 2014 Year in Stories for Flash Fiction Chronicles.But wait! There's more!!What we were able to post on the FFC site was only part of the story. Matt has a complete round up of the conversation. Check out this page to read the complete interviews and while you're there, be sure to prowl around the site. Who knows? Maybe we'll meet each other one day in the Slush...

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