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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Deep Sea Conversations

"Do not stand there staring; release me!"Jeremy tried not to swim away in terror; it's not every day that one is addressed by a statue. I wish I could answer, he thought as he swam just beyond the reach of a double bed-sized right hand."You can answer! I hear you! Why do you merely wish it?"I, um. Never mind. I can't."It was one such as you that imprisoned me," the statue roared. "The fish men who inhabit the region beneath Heracleion have that power. When I refused to work for them, they put me here. Except for the humps on your back, you look like one of their kind."I'm a snorkler. I have no idea what a Heracleion is but we're off San Fruttuoso."I do not recall that on the maps of the Nile."Nile? No, this is the Mediterranean Sea."You are not one of the fish men of Heracleion?"No. This is a suit. The humps on my back are air tanks."Then I will wait. Leave me to my further contemplations." Jeremy took one more photo. "Wait! Tell all you meet of this; one day, I will be free."


To wake and discover you've been turned into underwater statuary. What a drag. But that's my 198-word story for this week's SCPP, and I'm stickin' to it. Click the giant to visit the page and link up. Oh, by the way, Heracleion is a sunken city off the coast of Egypt, in case you were wondering...great name, yeah? Had to use it.

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