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Vote, and Win a Prize--No, Really!

Hi kids! How much do you love contests? Okay, I'm not the biggest fan myself, but every now and again I'll click the link in hopes of having the people with the big check show up at my door. But this isn't like that, exactly.Have you heard about the World's Best Story contest? I entered my story, "The Meek" and would love to win. Be prepared--I'm gearing up to post regularly about it...It's free for you to vote. Visit the World's Best Story website here starting August 29. Pass the word, post about it. You could win a $2,000 gift card to Beyond the Rack. I love that site and wish I could win...But I digress. I could get "From Reality's Edge, Volume One" printed via a professional contract with FastPencil.Thanks in advance. Pop in and give it a read, then come back and vote, yeah?

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Deep Sea Conversations

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Where Time Lives Forever