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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Waking to Skyfall

Shelby strode into the room and was pinned by six pairs of eye holes. He ignored the quiet clacking as he walked to the center of the theatre and waited. "How dare you come here," Number One declared. "You are not welcomed.""I know, but I bring news," Shelby replied defiantly. "The terror is over. Skyfall comes." His pronouncement was answered by more quiet clacking, the language of the Kings and Queens that he could not know.Number Two stood. "You lie! Skyfall will only come after our time has ended." The others nodded in agreement.Shelby smiled and bowed respectfully. "You are the Kings and Queens of Mourning; you have the Gift of sight. However, I have come from the wastelands and tell you that the world lives again." He tried to sound convincing. "Look," he said as he held out a small bladder filled with liquid. "I bring proof!"For the first time in more than a century, the Kings and Queens removed their beaked masks to touch and smell the rain.

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