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"Sentiments of the Season" Anthology Seeks Submissions!

Christine F. Anderson Publishing and Media seeks short stories for the 2014 "Sentiments of the Season" anthology

Christine F. Anderson Publishing and Media is open for submissions October 1-November 1 for stories of no more than 5,000 words for its current anthology.Story length: No more than 5,000 words. Stories longer than 5,000 words will be automatically rejected.Genre: All genres considered, but gratuitous violence and sex, pointless foul language, or subject matter that degrades persons based on age, gender, preferences, or other "isms" should not be submitted.Subject: Fall/winter seasons.Fee to submit: There is no fee to submit.Author copies: Authors of accepted stories will be able to purchase the anthology at 60% off.Anticipated publication: approximately November 28, 2014.Submission process: Visit Since this site is also for full manuscript submissions, please be sure to indicate "For Holiday Anthology" as well as exact word count in the cover letter.

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: When In Doubt, Call a Detective

Cave of Scribes Picture Prompt: Without Effort