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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: When In Doubt, Call a Detective

The captain tried not to throw up as he watched the Detective. They were grotesque creatures but their incredible sense of smell and taste made them valuable allies; the Police Corps had relied on them for centuries. This one said its name was something like "Darkness Slithers" and Cap could not have agreed more. It identified as a female but Cap could not tell one from the other; to him all Detectives were nothing more than ghouls. They came out at night and smelled like carrion. What more was there to note? He covered his nose with a handkerchief as Detective Slithers licked the ribcage. "The victim was female but she did not die as part of your latest crime spree," Slithers stated.Cap did not question its accuracy; the taste buds of Detectives never lied. "So what killed her?"The Detective bared its impossibly sharp teeth. "She died millennia ago; what you have here is a fossil, Captain Henry. Something for the History Association.""But we found the last dead girl near here."The Detective shrugged. "That may be so, but this find has nothing to do with it." The news was not good, just different.

I offer 198 words for this week's SCPP; it is a spin-off from my current WIP. I may include Detective Slithers (right now I only have a male-identifying Detective named Grief's Blade), but no promises.

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