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WIP Update: How Much Real Life is Too Much?

Writers get inspiration from all sorts of strange places: in the market, queuing up to put gas in the car, at the doctor's or dentist's office (those sharp instruments on a paper-covered tray is a technicolor landscape of story ideas). But is there ever a time when real life topics are too real?Have you ever planned a story and part-way through find yourself in a panic-stricken ball of blubber in the corner because your subject matter cut a bit too close to the quick?Now before you go hunting up your extra box of Kleenex, understand that I am not writing this from a moist corner of my cave. I have added a literary drama to the current list of works-in-progress, which currently looks like this:

  • Space epic, complete with androids and aliens
  • Mixed genre, complete with ghouls and mysteries
  • Literary drama, complete with...well, reality

For my east coast peeps, the literary drama takes place in Center City (Philly). My main character wakes up in Hahnemann Hospital after suffering a concussion and a number of other nasty bumps, bruises, and breaks. I'm less than 2k words in but am thinking of workshopping this one. I started at a local writer's workshop (which will meet again this coming Tuesday) and I'm in a panic about which WIP to take along. My fellow writers might do better with the literary drama, and chances are that's the one I'll need the most help with.After all, I find it easy to create amazing creatures, but need a little help with my "real people."So--what are you working on? Monsters and mayhem or touches of real life? How do you deal with reality in your realms?

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