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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Cure-All

"This is from our world." The Detective sniffed the bottle it held carefully in its talons. "Captain Henry, how do you suppose it got here?"Cap felt claustrophobic in the confines of the tunnel. He glanced toward the light they had left--the light of the city--and turned back toward the Detective. "Can you tell me where 'here' is?"The Detective sniffed the wall and gave it a quick lick. "This material is inorganic. From its composition and age, I would have to say that we are somewhere on Heliopolis." Cap's eyes bugged out. Heliopolis was one of the Ancestor's created worlds."Heliopolis and the other worlds in its system are on the other side of the galaxy! Hey--can you stop that please?!"The Detective had been clicking its incisors together, something it did when it was in deep thought. "Sorry, Captain. I would therefore posit that our perp used this travel tunnel to reach our world. And this," it shook the bottle, "was a souvenir he brought back.""What makes you so sure the perp is a he?" Cap asked. The Detective smiled.

Yes, the Detective is back! I hope to use the SCPP as inspiration to write side stories for some of my works in progress. Today's offering is 183 words.

In case you missed the last installment or the discussion of why ghouls make good Detectives, take a tour around some of the recent posts. The idea of this story is still unfolding, but a humanoid race of ghoul-like creatures. The one who works with Captain Henry is a prominent character.

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