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WIP Update: Feast or...What?

Today is Tuesday and while that may not be an amazing announcement in and of itself, this is Writer's Workshop Tuesday for me. The local writer's group that I signed up for is meeting at my local library today; the group includes five face-to-face meetings over 10 weeks. I decided which WIP I will take along but need to write more before I print and go.I was about to work on an editing project (which is what helps put bread on the table), but decided to put it on hold to touch up this writing. I paused in the midst of my mental maelstrom, the conundrum of will-work-for-food or will-write-for-sanity.Mr. Ray Bradbury says that he spent three days a week for 10 years at the library. However, the most compelling tidbit about Mr. Bradbury's time in the library was his 9-day spree that resulted in the first draft of "The Fireman" (which became F451). Read his words on the experience here.But wait, there's more.Mr. Bradbury was not a kid at this point in his life. He was married with two children. He had responsibilities. I'm sure there were other things he could have been doing instead of sitting in a basement and feeding dimes into a typewriter. But he chose writing.Writing falls into those art-related professions that tend to be described as feast or famine; when the writing is good and the markets are paying, writers make money. When the writing isn't coming or the markets are not paying, things get a bit lean. The fact is that for the vast majority of us, writing means financial famine.However, it is emotional freedom for those of us who do it.So the choice was clear: today is about writing. The editing can wait until tomorrow.

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