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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Visitors

"Zeta, don't you find that light just a tad annoying?"Zeta laughed. "No, Beta--it's simply marvelous. The radiation is making me stronger. You should switch places with me. You know what we can do when we are both strong.""But that female; how will we take over if she won't let us alone for even a moment? She's tried three times to remove my eyes! I think she believes they are simply coverings." Beta grabbed at his partner but Zeta avoided his childlike grip and laughed even harder. "Oh, Zeta, you are incorrigible. The Commandante is going to be very cross."Zeta gripped the railing and shook it. "The Commandante won't be cross because we will take over this world. I've just read this female's mind and she is terrified! She doesn't understand how I can shake this bar and just this moment she's considering putting us back in the cage to get the male one who examined us."Beta fretted. "Oh, no! Not the cage and no more examinations!""No, my friend--if she puts us in the cage, we will certainly escape and alert the others. The invasion will begin in earnest!"

Babies. Are the innocent or are they aliens? My 193 words for this week's SCPP answers the question clearly. Click on their picture (if you dare) and link up.

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