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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Side Show Shenanigans

"Well, I never!" Martha screeched at the strange little man who gripped the hem of her skirt. "A lady does not expose herself to the public!"The man apologized. "Madame, no one is asking you to expose yourself in any way." Her shocked expression invited him to continue. "You can keep your face out of the light. I only want to feature your leg.""You do realize my leg is gone?""Of course." He nodded. "You simply need to lift your skirts on the one side to expose the prosthesis. Everything else would be modestly covered. My offer is this: you sit perfectly still in the chair each night, allow the patrons to 'ooh' and 'aah' over your unique feature, and I'll pay you five dollars a week."Martha's face softened. The money would certainly help her mother, who was convinced she'd never get a decent job. "I don't have to move or show my face?" He shook his head. "Very well. You have yourself a deal."

I've been watching "American Horror Story." That show and the picture inspired this 167-word offering for the SCPP. I suppose I could have added a bit of macabre, but I tend to find side shows more sad than horrifying. I think of the people who are cast out from society and end up plying their wares through attachment to the circus and such. The thought of exploitation sobered me as I thought on what to write this week, so I'll leave any comedy or horror to the rest of you. Be sure to click the photo to pop over and link up.

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