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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Glad to Meet You

As I read the resume again quickly, I am unsure if this guy is the one. I mean, how can you know if you're hiring the right assistant or not? It's about kismet, connection, relationship, right? He looks great on paper, maybe a bit old but other than that seems spot on.And he's timely. I set the interview for sundown and here he is.I open the door and there's a rail-thin wisp of a man on the other side. "Mr. Lorenzini? Come in.""Glad to meet you."He's hesitant when I put out my hand. "Yeah, the claws can be a bit disconcerting but you'll get used to them." Oh, there it is -- I gave up my hold card. I sounded like I'd already hired him just then. But there's something about him I like."Oh no, sir. It's not that. It's that people usually don't want to shake hands with me." I am intrigued. I wonder if I should ask about disability? Boils? Tentacles instead of a hand? "I hope this won't minimize my chances," he says and reaches out his wooden appendage. I definitely like him."Not at all, Mr. Lorenzini.""Please, call me Pinocchio."

I wasn't sure where this was going to take me but I think it works. And in case you didn't catch the Lorenzini reference, Carlo Lorenzini was Pinocchio's creator's real name.

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