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Grammar Ghoul Press Challenge #5: Corporate Takeover


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"Just say my name. You'll never be afraid again." Nephthys was cooing in my ear. I'd heard it all before, especially when things went south. I knew what to expect from her. "C'mon, baby. Say it. You know I love it when you say it. I can make it right -- honest.""You always say you can make it right, but you never do. You call Heckle and Jeckle and they make it right. If you can call what they do 'right'.She sidled up close and snuggled into my neck. "You better not let them hear you using those names. You know Isis and Osiris will have your head if they hear you."I changed the subject. "So why should I do it this time? What wicked and detestable thing have you done?"She poked out her lip, stretched her wings, and shrugged. "I was at the train accident," she mumbled. I raised an eyebrow but didn't speak because I knew there was more. "I just went to watch the trains, honest! But then the urge came over me and I might have done something and there was a flash and well ... I'm sure you saw the news." I nodded. "Well, I had to do my job, right? So I was there and called Osiris before Nekhbet got there, but he was late and Nekhbet started pawing through the corpses and --""-- I can't take it!" I shouted. "You and your family took out the inhabitants of this city, one by one and group by group. If it isn't Khepri and his scarab beetles it was Ma'at and her judge and jury routine. All that was bad enough but you? You show up and try to be everyone's friend as you escort their souls to your god-of-the-underworld brother! It's too much! This isn't what I was expecting when I answered your advert on that dating site!" I was out of breath and she sat there smiling. "What are you smiling for?!"She gave me a sly wink, the one that sent shivers up and down my spine, and slid closer. She pressed her cool flesh against me and whispered, "Just say my name. You'll be spared."I backed away. "Spared? From what?"Her look was unmistakeable. "The takeover." 

Nothing good can come of a takeover by Egyptian gods and goddesses. I offer 375 words for this week's Grammar Ghoul Press challenge. The prompts were the video just there and the bolded word "wicked," which in this context means "evil or morally wrong." Click the badge at the top to visit the challenge page and link up.

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