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Grammar Ghoul Challenge #6: The Argument

"I'm sorry Mihos--""Don't you dare call me that, Moloch! You've lost the right. My proper name is Maahes and I expect you to use it from now on. After all, not only did you insult me in front of that bodacious babe Bastet, you embarrassed me in front of Stheno.""You're being unreasonable! And hurtful. You know how I hate being called Moloch -- I have never ever sacrificed children and you know it. And as far as Stheno is concerned, why did you try and hook me up with her anyway? She's the toughest of the Gorgon sisters. Mean as they come. Why would I want a hag like that?"Maahes snorted and fluffed his mane with feigned indifference. "Well, perhaps I was a bit harsh. I apologize for calling you names. It's just that you're my best friend, Morgawr! I mean, you know how long I've been checking Bastet out and she refused to date me unless I found a date for her girlfriend. You know the rest. Besides, I figured you could charm her. After all, you've got the pest control thing going and I figured you could hire her. Bastet said Stheno's been looking for work and with the snake hair and all she might make a good owl nanny. C'mon -- you could do it and besides, you might like her if you give her a chance."Morgawr sighed. "Well, I have been working a lot lately. Maybe a night out wouldn't be so bad. And she's not a bad looker. Her fangs are quite lovely."Maahes grinned. "Now see there? I knew you'd find something redeeming about the old girl, er, I mean, um ...""Never mind, Mihos. You're forgiven.""Aw, thanks Morg -- you are my best friend. Honest, you are. Now let's go. If we leave now I can catch Bastet before she's gotta go to work.""She still working for Ra?"Maahes nodded. "Of course! She's still got the organic creams and lotions thing on the side -- that's why she's looked so good for the past 49 centuries. Matter of fact, she told me Stheno's using some of the stuff now. You probably won't even recognize her. Anyway, never mind all that. Go groom your wings and I'll straighten up a bit too." He winked. "They'll never know what hit 'em."Morgawr looked upset. "But what should I say? I was rather unpleasant the last time we met.""Meh, don't worry about it. Stheno's a forceful woman. She'll understand. I think she likes you anyway.""Really? What gives you that idea?""Well, don't tell Bastet I told you.""Scout's honor." Morgawr crossed his heart and held up three fingers.Maahes flicked his tail. "Aw, you were never a Scout. But I'll tell you anyway. Stheno's been asking about you. Wanted to know if you've got any other prospects. Asked Bastet what she could do to get you to look her way."Morgawr pulled his wings back a little tighter and stood up straight. "Really? You aren't pulling my tail feathers are you?""Oh, no. It's all true. I think she's sweet on you. And who better to have on your side, right?" Maahes smiled. "Boy, what a team we'll make: The Owlman dates a Gorgon whose best friend is both a goddess of warfare and the Eye of Ra who's dating the god of war! It doesn't get any better!"Morgawr smiled back. "When you put it like that, it does sound pretty fabulous. Okay, I'm in. Let's go make it happen!"


So I'm still on a bit of a mythology kick. Here's 585 words for this week's prompt. Check out the bold word and the image above.

And for those not hip to the connections, here's a bit of history on my characters:

Maahes: an Egyptian god of war; Mihos is another spelling of his name

Morgawr: the Owlman of Mawnan; a cryptid creature spotted around the village of Mawnan in Cornwall, England in the mid-1970s

Moloch: Phoenician god who resembled an owl and was known for sacrificing children

Bastet: goddess of warfare and Eye of Ra

Stheno: eldest sister to Euryale and Medusa, the Gorgons

Pest control and owl nanny reference: Stheno has snakes for hair; certain species of owls place live snakes in their nests because the snakes feed on grubs and other parasites that would harm the owl eggs

Organic creams and lotions reference: one of the meanings for Bastet's name is "she of the ointment jar"

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