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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Close Up Ready

I used to hate going out in public but that changed after I met Dr. Kitaj. I worried so over my appearance but he made me feel beautiful. I think I fell for him almost right away -- oh, don't blame him. It's just that when you've gone through what I've gone through, you don't get many people who look at you with care. Mostly they scream or run away but not Kitaj. He even touched me. Can you imagine? I can barely stand my own touch: the skin got so rough after the burns you understand. Most people can't stand the eye socket or the missing nose, or the misshapen ears but Kitaj looked at me like I was the most beautiful creature on the planet.Now before you say anything, I know what you're thinking. You think he's been so nice because I'm a good specimen. But that's not so. Why, I bet I look so good thanks to him, I could be in the movies. And thanks to the wonderful Dr. Kitaj, I can get any part I want. You just wait and see.

I simply can't help it. So many things make me think of the Phibes films and this prompt was no exception. I offer 186 words for this week's SCPP and in honor of The Abominable Dr. Phibes in particular. In case you don't know the reference, Dr. Kitaj was killed by rats in an airplane. He wasn't a plastic surgeon but I like the name. Be sure to click the photo to link up!

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