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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Haute Couture

"I don't know what you're huffing about, Gwinnifred."The woman bucked her eyes at her friend. "Really, Edith? You have no idea why I'm shocked? Have you looked in a mirror lately?""Of course I have," Edith replied. She spun around awkwardly and regained her composure with a sigh. "I am still adjusting but I think I've got it down.""Got what down?"Edith rolled her eyes. "My walk! A woman wearing the latest in haute couture must have the right walk to get noticed on 5th Avenue."Gwinnifred finally had confirmation that her dear friend was completely off her cracker. "Whatever you say, dear. Can you drink tea in that get-up or shall I call your stylist?"Edith smiled primly. "I can do anything. Except climb into the carriage.""So how will you get to 5th Avenue if you can't get into a carriage?""That's why I need to perfect my walk. With the wheels I'll be there in no time."It was Gwinnifred's turn to roll her eyes. "Of course. More milk, dear?"

Ah, beauty, eye of the beholder, and all that. I offer Edith, her fashion, and 175 words for this week's SCPP. Click the photo to link up.

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