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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: An Unexpected Gift

Suddenly aware of his nine-year-old limbs, Billy shifted uncomfortably. He had never seen an old man cry before, but Mr. Mathis was doing just that. With a flourish, Mathis whipped a paper-thin handkerchief from an inside pocket and sprinkled the ground with cigar tobacco crumbs. He honked his nose clean, wiped his eyes, tucked the handkerchief back inside his coat, and placed a partially-smoked stogey between his trembling and toothless lips. "Sorry, boy," he said.Billy liked Mr. Mathis. "Well, gosh sir, it weren't nothing."Mathis pretended not to look at the child. "Where'd you find it? How'd you know it was mine?""Is that important?" Billy whined. He did not want to admit that he and his buddies had been spying on the old shopkeeper. "Like I said, me and Mike and Bobby were pokin' around at the old fisher shack and while we was out on the dock I saw somethin' stuck in the mud. The other two was afraid but I went right down there and pulled it out.""Well, thanks boy. You come by the store tomorrow. I'll give you some of that salt water taffy you like so much."

Boys and their snooping, eh? Here's a 194 word example for this week's SCPP. Click the photo to link up.

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