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New #WIP "Days and Nights With Charlemaine Brody"

It's time for a work-in-progress update! Now that After is officially put to bed, I'm on to new projects. Well, maybe new is not exactly the correct word: "Days and Nights" is something I started almost two years ago. I wanted to tell a story of a woman who turned into something unpleasant after suffering abuse at the hands of her spouse. It sat and languished until just recently, when I decided to give it an added twist.What had happened was (you know when a sentence starts with that phrase, there's bound to be trouble), I went to my writer's group last week and we were given an exercise. If you follow me on #Facebook, you already know this story. So we were told to consider the following:

As you contemplate your main character, answer this question to give your story a twist: what is the worst thing that could happen to your character?

Slam! Can you hear my brain shutting down? I talked about a different WIP during the meeting and want to use this exercise there, but it got me thinking about Charlemaine. It seems that the worst thing that could happen to her is that she becomes what she hates the most -- an abuser. However, that wasn't going very deep in my estimation. I see Charlemaine as an immensely complicated character and in order to develop her in a series of flash vignettes (oh, did I forget to mention I hope to turn this into a flash fiction chap book?), I have to figure out her motivation.I hope you'll take this journey with me -- I will post as more develops!

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