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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Anne's Bundle of Joy

"Does it hurt?" Andy asked.Anne scrunched her nose in thought before replying, "Not as much as I thought it would." She squirmed to the sound of tearing thread and cloth. "Can you see anything?"Andy bent down and looked at her from between her bent knees. "I think I see the head ... yes, here he -- or she -- comes!" Anne gave a small yelp and the child flopped into Andy's outstretched hands. "Oh, Anne! She's beautiful, just like you! Same red hair, same rosy cheeks!"Anne smiled. "Really, Andy -- are you sure she doesn't look like you?""Well, I suppose she does look a bit raggedy, like both of us."

I offer 110 words for this week's SCPP.

So you might be asking, "Where's the photo?" You can click the last words of the sentence above to visit the site, where instead of a photo you'll find a password-protected link entitled "Obstetric Phantom." The photo isn't gruesome or anything but since this is a family blog, I decided to not post the actual photo. The description from ebaum's world however is as follows:

Obstetric phantom 1700-1800. Tool to teach medical students and midwives about childbirthRight.If you aren't curious enough to follow the instructions on the prompt page to see the image, let your imagination go wild. Just like I did with my offering. I was never sure if Raggedy Anne and Andy were a couple or brother and sister, which makes this a potentially creepy write, does it not?

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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Invalidated